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that's SO gay Aug. 22nd, 2007

Late one night a father and his typical self absorbed daughter came in and they were both trying on frames. Every time the dad put on something entirely reasonable the girl would say "oh, that's so gay". And it was getting sickening to watch.

They mentioned they were just in town briefly from the interior and needed glasses quickly. When the dad went next door to ask about an eye exam the girl stayed behind to try on more frames and being a rather mischevious Wrascal, or just not thinking too well, I just had to say something.

Me: That looks good on you, and I think you're very brave!

Her: What do you mean?

Me: Coming out so young. And your father obviously supports and accepts you, I think that's great.

Her: (shocked) What do you mean? I'm not gay!

Me: But you were telling your dad what looks gay, you must know alot about it.

Her: Oh, I'm not gay!

My phone rang and I went to answer it. She flushed out of anger or embarrasement or both and quickly left to join her dad next door and I figured he was going to come back and have words with me. Nothing. Since they wanted quick service I figured they went down the hall to LenScratchers.