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wrascalism ([personal profile] wrascalism) wrote2017-05-28 05:21 pm

Onoz! Jan. 24th, 2008

Onoz....I gotz a bad code in my nodze. I be sneezy, wheezy and grumpie wit big red noze all in same bahdy.

I call werk and say "I noze you want me dere for werkz but if I dere I leeve lotza green icky slimez all over cuztomerz. Dey don't like dat, dey tellz me." I take shower and blow noze and get green icky slimez all over me, I no like dat goo eeder.

My voice deeper now and realz zexy but I can'tz get peniz up for de zex. Onoz! Whut to du? I culd still get green icky slimez all over uthur dude'z peniz. I wunder if he likez dat. Uther dudez got weird feztizhez. Friend tellz me dude would be nother frog kiszed. I no kisz frogz, I kisz menz wit beardz. I drive over frogz and laff!

Onoz! I outta code medicine, gotz to go to store, get more littzle pills and znotties ragz. Mebbe I go eat, tu. I can haz cheezeburger? I can no taszte cheezeburger, just taszte goo. Onoz!